I’m Jason, the author and creator of Quietly Relentless!

My history begins in 1988 when I was born in the scenic and remote state of Maine. Over the proceeding 29 years of life I attended public school, graduated into a 4 year college outside of Philadelphia, PA where I successfully got my bachelors degree and an ability to work as a respiratory therapist.

Since 2010, when I graduate, I have worked as a therapist as well as attempted a network marketing business, real estate investing, a sales position in a startup and all the while I’ve been writing and learning.

Writing about my experiences and learning all the ways not to be successful. Now in my 29th year of life I’ve started this new project, Quietly Relentless, which one day will become a book.

I realize the writing may not be perfect and my message will sometimes be unclear but know this. I will relentlessly pursue my end goal of using my own story to help others discover their true selves. Sounds corny, but I don’t fucking care what you think. 

I believe that personal stories can connect us in a deeper way and through them we can help each other discover hidden truths within our own lives. It’s happened for me, so why can’t it happen for someone else?

As you join me for this year long journey, my one hope is to help at least one person grow in some way. If one line, out of the hundreds that I’ve already written becomes helpful to that one person, I can count myself a success.

Thank you for being here, and I hope you enjoy!