Remaking the QR Blog

Hello friends, family and strangers reading this blog.

Thank you for all the support thus far.

As you can read from previous posts the original intent was to create an autobiography for myself that, I hoped, would help inspire others into taking action in their own lives. I stopped a few months in not because I got lazy with the writing. I stopped because another vision of mine was beginning to form faster and more clear than this one.

CPRmobile, my CPR training business started taking up more and more time and now it has consumed most, if not all of my free time.

Yet there has been something missing!! The personal touch to a business that people can’t quite relate to.

That’s why I’m taking this blog and cutting it down to size. It will become several short posts to give people a history of how I got to where I am today. My main focus at this point is not just to grow my business, but to bring a vision to the healthcare community that it desperately needs.

I’m not alone in this adventure, and I don’t plan on making the journey alone. If you would like to join me you know how to contact me.

Until then, thank you all again for the support you’ve shown this blog. It will still be around, just not in it’s original form!

Be Relentless in your pursuit of Growth, Purpose, and Creation.


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