Hidden Issues

Original by – A. Johanson


Life transformation can often look a lot like house renovation. Things can look great from the outside, but when you open the door, go inside, and look around, you see the improvements that need to be made within. Oftentimes, homeowners let it go, ignoring it, not wanting to deal with it, hoping it won’t get any worse. Isn’t that often true personally? We recognize areas that need improvement, either within us, within our marriages, within our homes, or within other relationships, but it can seem so much easier to just ignore it or cover it up and hope it will resolve itself or at least not get any worse.

Renovation comes at a cost that we’re not often willing to pay and sometimes, it uncovers unexpected, hidden issues that go even deeper, making the original concern seem so much worse and even harder to address. If we go ahead and do a minor repair to try to cover it up or fix it, saving both time and money, as well as not having as much of a mess to deal with, not long down the road, we’re going to have something so much more daunting that we’ll be forced to address – and it will likely come at a much higher cost.

Sometimes we need a gut job.


Gut jobs are messy. They’re labor intensive. Cuts, bruises, and other pain can be caused in the process of ripping everything out, but it needs to be done. If not, the underlying issues are still there, hidden, waiting to rear their ugly heads or cause further damage to the surrounding area.

Maybe you’ve renovated before and said, “NEVER AGAIN.” Then you purchased another house. At some point, you’ll recognize that your bathroom will need to be replaced, your roof repaired, or a crack in the foundation will need to be addressed. You may decide that you want to update your kitchen or make other improvements to increase the value of your home, and you find yourself in the very position that you promised yourself you’d never be in again.

Personal development and growth can be a lot like that. They’re a lifelong process. “Regular maintenance” will be required and more likely than not, we’ll decide we want to improve in some area and we’ll be willing to put the needed work in, even if we’ve gone through the pain of transformation in the past and vowed to never do it again. With each “improvement,” our value and functionality will increase because our growth enables us to give more to others, walk alongside of them in their renovation project, share wisdom we’ve gleaned from walking through our own, and…we can lend them our courage to walk through the process themselves. They’ll see that we made it through these periods of renovation and it will give them the courage, tenacity and perseverance to walk through their own.

There is a way to make it easier.

A renovation project generally goes more smoothly when a General Contractor is involved. He has insight and understanding that we simply don’t possess, and His experience and vantage point will trump ours every time, especially when His is omniscient and He’s motivated by an unconditional love for His “clients.” He’s utterly trustworthy and while we may not always understand His recommendations or the “project delays” that can sometimes happen, we can trust in His goodness and His love, knowing that what He’s crafting through the process, including through the mess, pain and discomfort of it, is refining and polishing and bringing out the greatest beauty that the “good bones” within contain.

Are you willing to renovate? To go through the process again? To allow the mess? To potentially rip everything out to the studs? Are you willing to surrender to the One, General Contractor who can be trusted with what’s most precious to you and trust that what He crafts and orchestrates will be greater than you could have ever asked for or imagined?

Picture your renovated self and know that it can be even more. Take the risk. Make the investment. You’re SO worth it! Don’t be afraid of the process or extent of the work that may be needed to be done. You’re going to love the finished project!

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