The Brief Interlude

The Brief Interlude

I’m sitting at a stone table in the middle of the day. I’ve been working on a life plan again. I put my face in my hands.

I’m at yet another impasse. It’s not because of my book. The writing has been going pretty well.

I was becoming frustrated with where everything else was. The job wasn’t going anywhere. I felt stuck regardless of my efforts. I have a history of starting a business, becoming uninterested at an early stage and eventually dropping it.

It seems that no matter what I’ve done there wasn’t enough interest in the subject to keep me going.

It hits me right there and then. I start taking frantic notes, looking up information and creating a plan.

That was September 2017…

I had been through several different business models, tried a few ideas on my own and all at once my intuition hit me very clearly and very quickly.

Even through the few short years I’ve shared of my life thus far I can tell you that it was these times that helped me develop the skills I now have.

Growth Thoughts

I think it’s important to understand, for myself and for others, that I do not hold onto the identity I had back then. I allowed myself to grow and evolve as I experienced new parts of life.

I think it’s important to understand that even though we grow up, we don’t always allow our mindset to come along. I know for myself I still have tendencies that developed during childhood.

So what’s next? How do we proceed?

We are starting into the second half of my life. This is a natural place to stop and think about ourselves. Reflect back to what it was like for us to be growing up.

What was it about this time in your life you found to be the most impactful?

That was rhetorical. I want you to answer to yourself, to think through and remember things you may have long forgotten.

Take some time to do some journaling. I find that hand writing things out allows me to connect more with my thoughts. A friend of mine uses voice typing. However you do it I highly suggest you take some time and see what you dig up.


Next chapter coming up, we are officially Over the Hill!!

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