The Trip

Show Me the Monies!

The experience of collecting money was educational.

I was introduced to a process that I still use today. Create an initial set of ideas, try them out, be aware of opportunities that come up during that process and keep track of what’s happening. Most important part of this process is to keep moving forward, it doesn’t matter what happens, just keep moving forward!

I admit, it’s not the most soundproof of a process but it’s worked for me.

Good or bad my parents and I ended up collecting the rest of the money for the trip and presto! I was at the airport in Portland, ME before I knew it.

The Trip

On the ride over to Australia we took an overnight flight. I remember waking up at one point to look out the window. The moon was full and shone down on the clouds which were casting shadows on the ocean below.

I’ll never forget what that looked like as we sailed overhead.

Obviously this trip was a lot of fun. We arrived and were all very jet lagged but decided it didn’t matter. We wanted to take advantage of the warm weather and the fact we were in Australia!!!

Turns out I was the youngest in the group.

I hated being young. Not only was I young in age but I looked pretty young. At this time I was skinny, lanky, and I looked young.

Annoying as that was I still found ways to have an awesome time.

Our trip was in two parts.

First we visited the Gold Coast and had our track meet with a few local schools. There wasn’t much to it honestly. It was like anything else I’ve been to, except we were in Australia.

The second half of the trip we toured around the country and ended our trip in Sidney.

Amusement Park Hell

One story in particular still grates on me.

During our trip we all got access to an amusement park.


I dislike any ride where I can’t directly control what happens.

Honestly it isn’t the up and down I dislike, it’s the lack of control over the movement.

There were several rides I wanted to refuse riding. Being the youngest there is a need to fit in and therefore I didn’t protest I unsuccessfully tried to avoid.

The two rides were, unfortunately for me, connected and very close together. It was something I have never seen before and both epitomized my fears. It was a giant tower. One side had a tower of terror type theme with the platform that slowly brings you up and then when you least suspect, it drops you straight down.

On the other side was a roller coaster like track. The ride was simple. There was a cart you strap into, it shoots you straight up the curved/vertical track and then you fall backwards.

Worst. Nightmare.

I know some people are thinking how awesome these rides would be.

All I have to say is ‘F you!’ I hated those damn rides…

I’m usually a very calm person but when my adrenaline starts going it’s fairly unpleasant for me. My hands shake, my heart beats right out of my chest and my senses become extremely sensitive. I think others have a better experience with it but generally I find my adrenaline rush to be fairly unpleasant and leaves me with a ‘lack of control’ feeling.


We went on the tower of terror first…  

The entire time in line and allll the way up I could feel the anxiety and adrenaline pumping. I even remember the jolt as we locked into the top of the ride, and the sway of the tower as the roller coaster on the other side went up and back down.

It seemed like we waited forever.

We dropped.

My eyes slammed closed.

I may or may not have screamed… In retrospect this may have been a good YouTube video.

As we came to a landing I let out some very profane words and I felt the adrenaline release. I felt good, muscles full of blood and power. I walked away from that ride thinking I was ready for more.

Like hell.

We walked around the corner and were at the next ride way too fast.

The line was so long I had way too much time to think. My willpower was fried from the last ride and I couldn’t keep myself calm. For the first time now and since I allowed my fear to push me out of line.

It was the longest walk of shame I ever want to experience. EVERYONE booed me.

The feeling of abandoning my friends, getting taunted as I walked away, and the shame I embodied after was horrible.

I remember sitting in the bus staring at that damn tower. I wanted to cry. Everyone annoyingly cheerful.

Then I got pissed.

I told myself then and there I wouldn’t walk away from something like that again.


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