Update: Addiction

Before we start, if you know anyone who’s dealing with bad habits, struggling with internal chaos, or is looking for resources to help with conditions like depression, anxiety, OCD this might be worth a share. It’s not a cure, but I hope it can help.

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Update on Addiction:

I felt like I needed to write a short update on my current state. Like most of you have seen in a video I recently posted I was in a little distress.

I recently had an argument with my wife about finances, collective goals, and my interaction between the two.

Not only was I wasting hours of time every few days on playing video games, but I tried hiding it from view. Not just from the wife, but also from my mastermind group. Some people might look at this and just tell me it’s normal to want to play games, as long as I get everything else necessary done.

Well according to me I wasn’t getting anything done. Maybe some writing, but I’ve also been in the process of creating a business so I can leave my full time employment. I was also agreeing to work toward savings goals Elyse and I had put into place. I wasn’t doing that. I wasn’t building my business and I was fronting like that was all happening.

My moment of grief came when Elyse found my true food budget and realized why I always felt short of cash. The look of disappointment and disbelief was too much and I had a mini breakdown.

Then came the destruction of the late Xbox 1S and my search for material to help me move past the cravings to order unhealthy junk food, watch movies, and play video games. All while ignoring goals set in place to build a life with someone that is very important to me.

After I posted the videos two things happened very quickly.

I found an app called Scribd and I found one book in particular that caught my attention.

The Little Book of Big Change, by Dr. Amy Johnson.

On my way to work a day later I listened to the first chapter. It blew my mind and confirmed that what I was experiencing were entrenched habits that had been reinforced for years. In the book she talks about our natural state of health and wellbeing and when we feel the craving to go, in my case, play video games for hours it’s my brain’s attempt to bring me back to a state of wellbeing. In other words my brain feels out of sorts and is trying to make me feel good again.

It’s all about perspective. It’s all about how you see the habit and learning to be aware of it.

After listening to the whole thing I had some very immediate and powerful changes. I’ve finished multiple projects necessary for my business, I’ve started making more friends, I’m on top of my writing, my relationship with Elyse is improving and I’m managing my diet like I’ve never done before.

I’m not here to brag, just to say that everyone can make drastic changes with not a ton of effort. What it does take is practice in being mindful of yourself, calming your mind when it gets frazzled, and ensuring you do the right things to ‘love’ yourself.

If you are curious about the app I mentioned, the book, or Dr. Amy please see the links below. I’m not affiliated with any of them. I don’t make $$ per click. I just want to spread the word. My purpose is to aid in people’s growth and this is one way I can fulfill that.

If you have further questions please feel free to reach out via a comment or email.


Dr. Amy Johnson

The Little Book of Big Change – Site 

                                                       – Amazon


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