A Word from the Author

Hi, I’m Jason. Welcome to the blog!

It’s obviously past 2017, and because you’re reading this it’s pretty clear I did something right.

Let me show you around before we get started.

I’m in the process of writing a book. Which happens to be this blog that you now look at. Over the course of 2018 I’ll be editing and posting what I wrote between September and December of 2017.

Just a warning, some of these posts will be long. Multiple pages of writing. Compilations of stories and lessons that I have personally experienced from childhood to 2016. My purpose for writing about my life is to aid others in their own journey of self discovery. By explaining my stories and expressing the thoughts, emotions, actions, and reasoning I hope that others can gain some clarity in their own lives. I’ve often learned from people who have had the courage to be vulnerable so I hope I can be that person to someone else.

I’ve decided to bring you through an abridged version of my life. Even though I’ll be starting with early childhood I won’t be adding every minuscule detail from my life. So that excludes most romantic relationships, some personal stories I’ve deemed unnecessary, as well as change names of people.

For those who know me.

I may have stories that you’ll recognize. It’s important to keep in mind that I’m writing this from memory and I’ll attempt to be as accurate as possible.

I’ve written it from my internal perspective. It’s the thoughts that went through my head, the feelings that went through my body, the gut instinct that prompted me forward and the actions I took because of the mixture of the three. Throughout the book I’ll have a few reflection pieces that help to bring all the lessons together. It’s more in depth discovery and further explanation that should reveal the changes that occurred.

For the last 29 years I’ve gone through many changes. Physically I’ve grown up from being a child to a teenager to an adult. I’ve successfully completed all of the initial schooling that everyone seems to go through. More importantly I’ve had experiences that have changed who I am and what I’ve become.

There may be some stories or thoughts in my writing that may not make sense in the moment. I’ve often experienced this with some of the books that I’ve read. Only through my growing experience in life did I finally glean the lesson I needed.

I know there are many nuances to what I’m going to be talking about, but my purpose isn’t to explain every detail and hand hold people through their own lives. My purpose is to assist people in the creation of their desired selves. Through the process of defining and recognizing the person we truly desire to be, I believe we will ultimately find what makes us unique and find our own place in this world.

It’s not easy, it’s not fast, but it can be fun and full of really cool shit!

So keep an open mind, and feel free to share your own stories if you feel drawn to do so. I want my writing to bring people together in a collective spirit of growth and every story, no matter how small is needed.

What should we watch out for through this process? We should watch out for our EGO. We should watch out for language like “I’ve heard this before” or “I already know this”. When we start to say these words we become closed off to other messages we need to hear. We close ourselves to wisdom that could help us leapfrog through life avoiding the obstacles that could slow us down.

That being said, it’s also up to me to provide stories that will be helpful and clear.

Scary right? Yeah… I’m terrified.

But… I’m confident that through this work I can reach the people that need a small helping hand or a gentle push in the right direction.

I do want to stress something. I wouldn’t be writing this book if I hadn’t done a tremendous amount of personal development, writing, and taken risks in my life that have created the emerging perspectives that I have. Because of that work I want to shuffle through a few concepts that you might see expressed throughout the book.

You aren’t alone

The Journey


Personal Development

Positive Perspective


You aren’t alone. Too often have I seen people walk the pathways of life thinking they’re alone. It’s a sad and lonely way to move through life and I think it’s worth saying, you aren’t alone. Everyone goes through life with feelings, thoughts, perspectives that are almost always shared by at least one person on this earth.  

We often struggle with thoughts about how we compare to others. No one is perfect but we often feel like there is that one specific person who has it all. They have the perfect job, they’re really happy, they have great relationships, everything just falls into place for them.

That isn’t the case. Even the so called ‘perfect people’ struggle with their own dilemmas. In the grand scheme of things we all deal with largely the same thoughts, emotions and problems. We might be playing in a different arena, but the similarities between us are undeniable.

You aren’t alone in this journey, so again, share your stories!

Life is a journey. It doesn’t happen all at once. If our lives were meant to be lived quickly we would be like a bug. Our only purpose would be to mate, be food for birds, reproduce and then die. But we aren’t like this at all. In fact we live for almost 100 years. That’s a long ass time! Think about everything you can do in one year. What about 5 years? Or maybe 20? The beginning of my life up until 20 years old was really great. I got an education, learned instruments, was in good physical shape, had a lot of fun at parties. The first 20 years of my life was a miracle because I lived through it all.

Yet it was a  compilation of personal experiences that created who I am today. Regardless of where we come from or how we started it’s simply a miracle we were even born! Why? We had to overcome chances like 1:400,000,000,000 to be born into who we are right here and now. I would say that’s pretty damn special. If we weren’t meant to be on a journey I don’t know what we were meant to do. After all there are only two certainties in this world.

We all die and we all have to make choices.

Personal development originally defined is the process of improving oneself through activities that enhance work skills, increase consciousness and assist you in creating wealth.

My definition of personal development is slightly different. I believe it’s the process of building on strengths, passions, emotions, mental space, and spirituality you inherently have that will emerge over time with focused work.

What is inside of you is a gold mine. All you need to do is put in the work to extract it. Let the people see how brilliant you can shine.

I’m a big proponent of developing oneself. The more we can shine without throwing our EGO around and glow with pristine confidence, the more we can help others mine their own gold so they can shine beside us.  

If we assume that our education is the only thing in life that is necessary to be our best, then can only see part of the picture. If we assume that our initial education is only a brief chapter in the story and we decide that our continued journey through life gives us daily opportunities to learn and grow, we’ll see before us a beautiful picture and all the intricacies it can reveal.

Improving myself is very important to me. Even if the information is unclear at the time I keep moving forward. With work and time I make new connections and the potential to create explosive change.

Our brains are biological computers, there’s no telling what can or will come out of them.

Positive Perspective

The world around us can be seen in more ways than just your way. Perspective is a powerful motivator and destructive element. Being positive is part of this but maybe not how you think. I see the act of being positive as all inclusive. You hold your body upright and with a sense of inner strength. You speak clearly and with energy. There’s a difference when someone speaks with energy. You can understand everything they say, there’s no mumbling or offhand remarks. Often times you can see the energy and sparkle in their eye.

Finally being positive doesn’t mean you ignorantly think everything will work out for the best. You have confidence things will go well. That no intense disasters will ensue. Even if something bad does happen you have confidence in your ability to assist others in a prepared manner for the best outcome.

Being positive is more having confidence in yourself, using words with a good charge instead of a ‘bad’ charge.

You know the difference. Say YES out loud to yourself a few times. Then say NO to yourself out loud. Feel the difference in ‘lightness’ of the two words? It’s subtle but YES has a much lighter presence than NO. Practice is essential in making perspective a force for good and not so essential if you don’t care to create a better perspective.

Fighting with myself

Feeling like no matter what you do, all that happens is you fall off the bandwagon again, and again, and again. You keep getting up but you eventually fall off. You feel like you’re fighting with yourself to keep moving forward. This book is just for you. Throughout my life I’ve noticed that I have a tendency to fight against myself. To continually work toward a goal but never seem to get there without some degree of difficulty.

It’s a natural process for us to struggle against unseen forces. During my life I’ve struggled with many things, and still do. They seem to have a will of their own. Able to push me around as they please.

I’m aware of this struggle and although it frustrates the hell out of me this process is usually a message in disguise.

Have you ever tried walking up a wall? You can get one foot on the wall but it takes a tremendous amount of force and momentum to get that next foot up, and so on. Imagine this, we’re doing an exercise with two people. One wears a blindfold and can’t hear. The other is your silent guide. We start off small, walking around a room. Then we try hallways. I think I’m walking down a hall, but I find myself trying to walk up the wall. My guide can’t talk but is always giving me tugs on the arm to go a different way. Sometimes I listen, other times I over correct. I even get frustrated with my guide and push them away! I want to do things by myself! I don’t understand that this guide is simply trying to get me back on the right path.

That’s what it’s like when I’m trying something that isn’t working in my life. It’s like I’m walking up the wall and pushing my guide away. I’ve learned to listen a little better over the years.


I’m a believer that we have everything we already are and need is currently inside of us. All we need to do is take a step into our own personal journey.

This is our inner journey. The one no one else can see, smell, taste, touch or hear. It’s the part of us we can choose to share or not.

By going through a process of introspection, being curious and continuing to ask questions of our self we’ll continue to emerge into the person we desire to be. Even if you don’t know who that is yet. (not an age dependent situation)

Based on my experience even when we feel lost we haven’t strayed very far from our path. It may not be the path we think it is or want it to be, but we inherently know is ours. Thankfully, because you’re reading this, it means we can have companions on this path. We can talk and play and have fun. Cry and feel sad, yell and scream to release our anger, kick and yell in frustration, but also love, care, and behave well toward each other. It’s our path that we share and sometimes may be indiscernible from the path of others, but always remember that our journey is still our own.


Throughout my life there have been various themes that pop up. The most essential of all of them have been the theme of growth. I’ll take you through how I unconsciously and later on was more conscious of my own personal and physical growth. I’m not a bodybuilder but my body grows in different ways even after I’m an adult.

Whether we like it or not, growth is coming. More commonly called change. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it’s a ton of fun. I’ve found that when I grow and change unconsciously it usually isn’t for the better. It’s purely an act of my environment that I’m no longer taking part in. This kind sucks.

The part where I’m actively learning, following my interests, moving toward activities and ideas my soul wants to go toward, I am much more engaged with life. This kind of active growth is pretty cool. You’ll see examples of both this year.

Finally, we are all born, we all grow up, and we all have experiences, and by the end, we will all close our eyes one last time.

Throughout life we gain perspective, we gain knowledge and pass on what might be on our minds. We grow and change the world we live in.

In the end we all come from different walks of life. I hear stories that make me think twice about writing about myself. They make me think about how lame the beginning of my life was. It was so uninteresting and without stress. I never got shot at or beaten, raped or abused. I was never hurt or made to feel poorly by my parents, I’ve never been through a divorce or anything intensely negative.

Yet, I want to share what my life was like in the beginning not from the outside but from the inside. I think others will be surprised to find out that they may have had the same thoughts and feelings that I did. By telling our stories we may find out that we have more in common than we think.


So be open, read on, and hold onto your BUTTS!

Here we go!

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