Before we start…


It’s now 2018 and I have officially completed the first draft of a year long blog-into-book. From now on I’ll simply refer to it as a blog to make things less confusing.

This blog is a compilation of my life up until 2016 December 31st. I’ve cut it to that point because when I started this blog we were only 9 months into 2017. But fear not! We have over 28 years to cover in 2018 and there are many stories we need to browse through before we ever come to 2017.

Again, welcome to Quietly Relentless. A blog about my life, personal development and the stories that have led to the growth in my life. I hope that by expressing my personal story that those who read will have their own revelations.

Just a warning…

These posts will be longer than usual. Some will span several pages and the objective of the story may not be clear until the very end. If you don’t like to read I don’t recommend you continue following. If you do I hope you enjoy and share the love.

I hope whoever reads can join me on this journey throughout 2018 and maybe glean a few gems for themselves on the way.

I’ll be posting the very first official post this week. After that we’ll be getting them in every Monday for the rest of 2018 to make 52 posts.

Let’s get started…


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